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People are talking about how ‘poorly’ Gaga was doing with her show in Russia. But this proves otherwise. Using the second photo, people were talking about how many empty seats there were at the show. While there were seats that were empty on the very sides which is not too much of a surprise with the less hype BTW received in comparison to TFM. People are trying to make it look like she did hysterically TERRIBLE. When that simply is not the case. Both of these photographs are from her recent show in Moskow. If you look at the first photo it was taken most likely when she was performing Telephone which is in the first half of the show. The last picture, if you notice both the costume and that she has fans on stage, it indicates that she was performing Marry The Night, which is the final encore. People leave before encores because they think the show is over when it isnt. ESPECIALLY people in the seats. This even happened around me at The Monster Ball in Miami and that was a sold out show. Almost all of these ‘proofs’ of her flopping right now are photos and videos taken during Marry The Night and give you false information. I am not going to lie and say that she was especially successful in South America, but I want to show that she is very far from being anywhere near a ‘flop.’ And it’s just plain annoying to see these idiots trying to ‘prove’ that with false information. Rant over.

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    Same thing happened at the monster ball! Quite a few people left before she did bad romance!
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